Code Of Ethics

SPTO Code of Ethics

Code-Of-Ethics 01

(*the feminine pronoun is used to refer to the surrogate and the masculine designates the client although surrogates and clients may be of either sex)
The SEPTO Code of Ethics governs the actions, practices and conduct of its members in order to ensure superior services to clients and the community. The foundation of SPTO is rooted in its core ethics which state its purpose and perspective

Role of the Surrogate
1. The term “surrogate partner” is used exclusively to designate a certified practitioner who works in the triadic therapeutic structure of client, surrogate and mentor/therapist.
2. The surrogate shall provide ongoing feedback to the therapist on the progress of the client which can help refine the process.
3. The surrogate understands that her/his relationship with the client is time-limited to the course of treatment and shall not continue once therapy has been terminated.
4. The surrogate shall understand her/his boundaries as it applies to skill and knowledge and will seek the assistance of a mentor to guide them, if necessary, provide the best result for the client.
5. The surrogate shall understand the role transference plays in the surrogate/client relationship and is also understands that feelings of attraction and love are part of the therapy process.
6. The surrogate is responsible for teaching and implementing safe sex practices at all times.
7. The surrogate is responsible for maintaining her professionalism by seeing continuing education, by seeking personal therapy if appropriate and receiving supervision from a certified mentor.
8. The surrogate shall respond promptly and constructively to concerns and criticisms.

1. The needs of the client come first
2. Any treatment plan shall include the input of the client as well as the surrogate and mentor/therapist
3. Provide clear, comprehensive information to enable the client for make the best therapeutic choices for him or her.
1. Honor and respect the confidentiality of the client.
2. Any notes or reference material the surrogate may have regarding a client shall be kept in a secured file cabinet or other locking device.
1. There shall be no discrimination in working with clients who present varying ethnic or religious backgrounds, gender orientation or lifestyle choice. mental or physical disabilities.

2. There shall be no discrimination in the selection of appropriate surrogate trainees as listed above.
Social Justice and Sexual Advocacy
1. Surrogates are to model accepting and nonjudgmental attitudes regarding sexual expression in their personal lives and any media appearances in which they may participate.
2. The surrogate community should act to prevent the exploitation of, and discrimination against individuals based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, immigration status or mental or physical disability.
3. The surrogate community will respect the perspective of other health care professionals, and where appropriate, work in cooperation with them.